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Upcoming : Bandai Full Metal Panic! Armed Slaves

Following the footsteps of Kotobukiya’s Arbalest from Full Metal Panic! come Bandai’s own version of the Armed Slaves. And they are in the same scale too. Hmmm…

Anyway, the Armed Slaves from Bandai’s releases look to be in the configuration they will have in the upcoming Full Metal Panic! animated series premiering in April 2018.

They are also going to be at a third of the price of the Kotobukiya @ 3,024JPY and coming in April. More pictures of Arbalest, Mao’s Gernsbeck and a generic Gernsbeck are on Hobbysearch.

Upcoming : Wave 1/72 VF-4 Lightning III

Final product pictures have popped up on the internet and it looks good. But it’s a Wave kit, which based on my experience usually means the plastic would be softer, the molding would not be as sharp as Bandai or Hasegawa and there might be fit issues. Still, I’m glad someone is finally tackling this very rare variable fighter.

This one’s coming @ 6,264 JPY in February. More pictures are on Hobbysearch.

Upcoming : Bandai Deep Striker

Just… wow.

Bandai did it. I’m sure it’ll sell and not get built after people realize how big it really is.

Coming in March 2018 @ 20,000 JPY. More pictures on Gundam Kits Collection.

Upcoming : KASL Hobby Eggplane Weapons

I’m surprised it took this long for someone to come up with these.

More pictures here and here at the KASL Hobby Facebook page.

Upcoming : Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Bulkarm Alpha

More Hexa Gear goodness from Kotobukiya. This time in the form of Bulkarm Alpha, a powered armor unit.

Being a sucker for powered suits, I think this one looks particularly badass. It’s not cheap though @ 6,264 JPY without the Governor (their name for the pilots). More pictures on Hobby Search.

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