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Upcoming : Kotobukiya 1/60 Arbalest

Kotobukiya is releasing the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic!. This is the mecha piloted by the main character Sagara Sasuke.

This looks much better than the earlier release from Aoshima. I hope Kotobukiya will issue the other Armed Slaves like the mass produced Gernsbeck. The Arbalest is coming in April 2018 @ 6,264 JPY. More pictures on Hobby Search.

Upcoming : P-Bandai HGUC EWAC Jegan

P-Bandai is a double-edged sword. For one thing, it gives Bandai a chance to issue obscure subjects. On the other hand, these are sometimes the more interesting subjects but are hard to get your hands on. This is one of them.

This is coming in February 2018 @ 3,240JPY. More pictures at Gundam Kits Collection.

Upcoming : Wave 1/72 VF-4

This was a surprise since the VF-4 is one of the more obscure valkryries from the Macross metaverse. It’s also a surprise it’s coming from Wave since as far as I know, only Bandai and Hasegawa has the 1/72 kit licenses for Macross.

In any case, I hope to see more pics soon. Pictures of the prototype can be found on Hobbysearch. It will come in December @ 6,264JPY.

Upcoming : AK Interactive ‘Real Color’

AK Interactive has just announced a new line of paints. This time it’s an ‘acrylic lacquer’ based paint line. What does mean though? They have posted up a video about it on their YouTube channel:

The Modelling News has a nice write-up on this new product. What’s interesting for me is this quote:

These colours can be diluted with our own specific thinner or compatible thinners from other brands and types: acrylic lacquer (non-vinyl), lacquer thinner, alcohol, water…

There’s no mention of a smell for the paints. But knowing it’s lacquer, there should be some. It would be great if this line doesn’t smell and yet acts like typical lacquer paints though.

Upcoming : Kotobukiya HMM Storm Sworder

Kotobukiya has announced the EZ-029 Storm Sworder as their next HMM release. The colors out of the box is monotonous but I think it’s a good canvas for some striking color schemes. I hope parts breakdown makes it easier to paint though.

Not sure if the clear base is included but this looks good. This is coming in November for 8,964 JPY. More pictures on Hobby Search.

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