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Upcoming : Ready Player One

The book is chock full of pop culture references. Looks like they managed to pull it off with the movie. Don’t quite remember the RX-78 even making an appearance in the book but it’s always cool to see a giant robot on screen.

I just hope we’re getting pre-Schindler’s List Spielberg here.

Adam West (1928 – 2017)

Adam West has passed away at the age of 88 from cancer.

Besides the one from the Super Friends cartoon, Adam West was THE Batman of my childhood. The show was campy as heck with the BAM! BIFF! POW! onscreen visual effects, the ‘Bat’ prefix in front of every gadget and the general silliness of the plots, but I was mesmerized nonetheless. It’s made more interesting since Adam West is pretty much the only straight man in the whole thing. I didn’t really see Batman as a serious character until I saw Batman: The Animated Series.

Good night ol’ chum. Thanks for the memories. Rest well.

Roger Moore (1927 – 2017)

Sir Roger Moore died today at the ripe old age of 89. He was the first James Bond to me. My first memory of James Bond was The Spy Who Loved Me with the rather cheesy Moonraker being the most memorable (not necessarily best) entry. In fact, The Spy Who Loved Me remains one of my three favorite Bond movies ever.

He was suave, funny with his quips and mostly, always cool. Even when a 6’5 steel-toothed giant was trying to bite his throat off.

Good Night Sir Roger Moore, thanks for being a part of my childhood. Rest well. Oh and f**k cancer.

Tommy Page (1970 – 2017)

Tommy Page’s songs in the late 80s and early 90s basically filled my cassettes through my teenage years. I remember listening to ‘<a href=”” target=”_blank”>A shoulder cry on</a>’ on my Walkman while out cycling with my friends on rental bikes at East Coast Parkway in Singapore. Heck, I still have some of his songs in MP3 now permanently on my iTunes playlist. The technology and delivery method changes, but not the songs that shaped my life.

Good night Tommy Page. Thanks for the memories. 46 is way too young…

Bill Paxton (1955 – 2017)

A few days ago, Bill Paxton passed away due to complications from surgery. For me, his most memorable role was always as Private Hudson in Aliens. So much so that I still quote his character in my daily life. With the news of his death I realized just how many movies I’ve enjoyed that he has appeared in: True Lies, Edge of Tomorrow, Apollo 13, Tombstone, Twister, 2 Guns, U-571, Navy Seals (he played God!), Predator 2 and The Terminator. Heck, even Stripes!. Funnily, he is only 1 of 2 actors with the honor of being killed off by an Alien, Predator and Terminator. 61 is really too young.

Good night sir. Rest well.

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