About Me

Hoarder. That’s probably the best word to describe me. I have more kits than I will ever build in this lifetime. In fact, at the speed I’m building, I think I’ll hardly make a dent on my collection at all.

Anyways, a little about me. I collect primarily mecha and aircraft kits with a smattering of other subjects. My first ever model kit was a large-scaled USS Missouri (I believe it’s this one from Otaki). I got it when I was around 4-5 years old. Needless to say, I wrecked the thing by gluing it with UHU. I tried to salvage it when I was in my teens but utterly failed.

I’m a superslow builder although I’m much better at it since Q3 2015. I’ve promised myself that I will work harder and faster to complete more kits. It’s forever one of my New Year resolutions.

Site History
I’ve had this website for a while now. Take a walk with me while I reminisce…

Drop me an mail to eddy<at>rocketpunch<dot>biz.

You can find me hanging out at Plamo, which used to be an online forum based in Singapore but has since evolved into a Facebook group. Come say Hi.

My Instagram page can be found at ttps://www.instagram.com/emadjid/. I update more often there with snippets of my current builds.

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