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Painting a 1/48 Modern US Pilot

I decided it’s time to add a 1/48 modern pilot to join my 1/48 WWII pilot that’s used for size comparisons for my completed kits. There is a surprising lack of offerings for standing modern pilots in 1/48 scale but I finally got my hands of a pair of them, courtesy of Plus Model. Even better, it’s a mixed gender pair. Inside the blister are 2 figures, a duffel bag and a small sheet of decals. An illustration serves as a color guide with no paint codes provided.

I decided to go with the female pilot as it’s more interesting and I prefer the pose. The sculpt looks good overall though I think the face lacks femininity. The pour tabs are small and easily removed.

Once the tabs are cut off and the cut marks sanded down, I scrubbed the figure with soap before pinning onto the cork base. First color on is black as a base.

Then I sprayed white at a 45 degree down angle to hit the spots where the Sun up in the sky will hit on a typical day. This will serve as a base for my highlights and shadows. I then painted with paints cut with a bit of glaze medium to reduce the opacity so the work done previously still shows through. For an added splash of color, I gave the figure a red undershirt. I also went with a tan flight suit to break up the monotony of everything being olive drab.

After the first wash, the figure still looks flat. So I went in to add highlights on the edges and ridges of the figure. I then spent some time tweaking the highlights and shadows by repainting, washing then repainting again.

I then added the shoulder patches from the included decal sheet.

After a final flat coat, I’m done. I think I still have a ways to go with painting faces but I can live with this result.

For what I intend to use it for, I think it looks good.

Guide : Painting a 1/48 US WWII Pilot

While finishing my Italeri 1/48 A-36 Apache, I decided to go ahead and paint up a pilot figure so I can use it as a size reference. It’s what I have been doing with my 1/72 modern pilot. This WWII pilot figure comes from the Hasegawa 1/48 WWII Pilot Figure Set. The instructions simply say ‘US pilot’ so I’m not sure if this represents a USAAF or USN pilot. I think it’s the latter though. In any case, this is the only option for a US pilot.

The details are decent but nothing to shout home about. Clean up however was minimal.

First I sprayed a base coat of black.

Then I sprayed white at a 45 degree angle from above. This simulates the Sun as the light source so I immediately get some highlights and shadows.

The basic colors are then handpainted. Some of the highlights and shadows can still be seen which is what we want.

Then I washed the figure with Army Painter Warpaints Soft Tone for the flesh with Army Painter Warpaints Dark Tone and Citadel Shade Nuln oil for the rest.

Once the washes have cured, I went back in to add highlights using the same basic colors.

The end result is… decent for an hour’s work. But it doesn’t look half bad posed with a plane so I’m more than happy with it.

The box comes with RAF, IJA/IJN and Luftwaffe pilots too so there’ll be more practice to come.

Guide : Painting a 1/72 modern pilot

I thought I should get as much figure painting practice as I can so I decided to paint up this 1/72 pilot figure from Hasegawa to use as size comparison for my future builds.

Colors I used:

  • Lifecolor UA003 Olive Drab
  • Mig AMMO 203 Light Compass Ghost Gray
  • Vallejo Game Color 72036 Bronze Fleshtone
  • Vallejo Game Color 72043 Beasty Brown
  • Vallejo Model Air 61056 Black Grey
  • Vallejo Model Color 60815 Basic Skintone
  • Vallejo Model Color 60879 Green Brown
  • Vallejo Model Color 60885 Pastel Green
  • Vallejo Model Wash Brown
  • Vallejo Model Wash Dark Grey

I then made a clear base made out of a blister pack. The figure is glued with white glue to the base which will dry transparent.

I think I’ll try to get a 1/72 scale WW2 figure painted too. Oh and also their 1/48 counterparts. Looks like much more practise ahead.