Tag: Super Robots

Upcoming : Super Minipla Beast King Go-Lion

Official pictures of this upcoming toy/kit are now online. Each lion will be packaged in its own box with weapons and a stick of chewing gum. They can then be combined into this 18cm tall Super Robot.

The proportions of the individual lions look off to me but Go-Lion itself looks brilliant. And it seems to be quite poseable too. Amazing! Even better is that it’s probably the cheapest route you can take right now to own a combining Go-Lion.

Coming in August @ 5,292 JPY. More pictures on Hobbysearch.

Upcoming : SOC Dancouga Renewal

This is quite a surprise. Bandai has announced the Renewal version of the Soul of Chogokin GX-13 Dancouga. I have the original DX Chogokin Dancouga from the 1980s and this one runs circles around that one in all sorts of ways. This Renewal version looks to be more anime-accurate compared to GX-13. Looks real good.

I’ve always wanted to get the original GX-13 Dancouga. In fact, I went as close as holding one in my hands. But sanity reined and I put it back on the shelf. I hope I can resist this one. It’s coming in October for 27,000 JPY.