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Completed : Bandai MG 1/100 PGM-79 Powered GM

The Mecha
The PGM-79 Powered GM variant of the RGM-79C was developed by the Federation R&D division as a testbed for an enhanced backpack that provided very powerful thrust and acceleration. With this enhancement, the legs were mounted with improved shocked absorbers.

Outwardly, the PGM-79 looks to be more heavily armored than the standard RGM-79C. However, that is not the case as the bulkiness was mainly due to the mounting of the backpack control systems and further improvements to the structure of the RGM-79C frame.

At least 3 units were tested with this modification in the Torrington base facility in Australia in UC 0083.

The Kit
The Powered GM is my favorite GM variant from the Gundam universe, so needless to say, it is also the first ever Master Grade Gundam kit I did. This was also to be my first ever kit that I have extensively modified in addition to a kitbash with an aftermarket set of parts. In this case, it’s a conversion set from Akohobby.

And what an experience. Since I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I decided to modify the kit to suit my tastes. And the changes kept coming:

  • New brass rod antennae on the head
  • Shield from the GM Quel/Custom kit
  • Grenade launcher attachment for the rifle
  • Grenade pack with 3 grenades on the right hip
  • An extra part to help the PGM bend forward on its waist
  • A custom open palm made out of 3 different hands
  • My own take on ver.Ka feet

All in all, a very satisfying job.

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