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Review: Tamiya Model Cleaning Brush (Anti-Static)

Series: Tamiya Craft Tools
Released: 2007
Price: 14.99 USD at Luckymodel in 2013

What is it?
Unless you hermetically seal your model kits, dust will tend to cling onto your model kits. With a normal brush, the act of brushing off the dust will tend to generate static electricity which further makes the dust cling to your model. It’s such a PITA. Tamiya has come up with a solution. The description at the back of the backing board says:

This brush can be used to wipe off dust from scale models and for removing shavings during construction. Anti-static brush prevents static buildup which attracts dust. Mini brush effectively removes dust from fine grooves such as panel lines. Brush is also recommended for use with electric appliances in the home and office.

The brush has long bristles so it’s easier to reach into the nooks and crannies. The bristles are also made of 2 different types of fibers: its mainly ‘organic conductive fibers’ and the tips are ‘fine PBT resin hair’. The conductive fibers prevents static buildup while the PBT resin hair cleans without scratching.

On the other end of the brush, under a cap, is the mini brush made of PBT resin for panel line cleaning.

So how does it work?
The following is a quick test. The parts are painted with flat colors from one of my long ignored projects. Yep. Dust galore.

One stroke across and we get this. Not bad.

After a bit of work they are all done.

I have to say that it’s easier to use than the Chinese paintbrush I normally use, which requires multiple passes to get rid of any dust. It’s also easy to hold with the thick handle.

I actually got this brush for cleaning my photography equipment besides model kits. It’s not cheap, but it does seem to work quite well. Besides, hermetically sealing model kits won’t be cheaper.

~ Review courtesy of my wallet

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