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A look at Rocket Punch in 2018

I finished 9 kits in 2018.

That’s 1 more than 2017, but I was short 3 kits from my target of 12. Ah well… life beckoned.

Among these 9 kits, I was most happy with my ‘Cover Fire’ vignette since it has quite a few firsts for me including figure painting, making ruins, heavy weathering and actually completing a vignette. The Shiden kit itself shows my poor workmanship quite starkly but all in all, the whole thing came together quite nicely.

The most trouble-free build was unsurprisingly the Y-wing starfighter from Fine Molds. This kit was as shake and bake as they will ever come.

For the new year, I will again try to hit 12 completed kits giving me an average of 1 a month. To facilitate that I think I should have a better strategy by sprinkling a few easier builds in between the more time-consuming ones. I will also keep going with the eclectic mix of subjects for sure.

Anyway, some stats from the site itself:

I made a similar number of posts in 2017 with a similar number of views. This year, I did more work but I had less posts because I consolidated my work into longer entries per post. I only published the post after each major stage was done. I’m still debating if I should continue with this as it meant I can go almost 2 weeks without any updates on the site. Anyway, I want to balance time between posts and actual content more. Maybe I’ll add more non-build content? But that will definitely eat into my building time. Definitely something to look into.

OK. Now onwards to more builds and a dwindling stash.

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