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Upcoming : RPG Models 1/35 Phalanx CIWS

Back in the early 2000s, I saw the resin Hobby Fan 1/35 Phalanx CIWS at a local model shop. I really wanted to get it but 1) it was resin and 2) it was expensive so I resisted. I’ve always wanted one though. Lo and behold, RPG Model has just announced the imminent release of their version of the Phalanx CIWS.

This looks to be a mix of injection plastic and (a lot) of photoetch details. More importantly, it doesn’t look like it’ll cost an arm and a leg. I’ve never worked much with PE and it looks to be a huge PITA to bend and shape so many of them. But they are definitely safer to deal with than blocks and blocks of resin.

RPG Model is also releasing the CIWS-based SeaRAM weapon system at the same time.

This is coming in June @ USD 26 (as listed on Hobby Easy). More photos at RPG Model.

Upcoming : Great Wall Hobby 1/72 F-14D Tomcat

Who doesn’t want more F-14s anyway? This one is coming from GWH in June 2019 (I think). Parts break down seems to fall between the Hobby Boss and Hasegawa kits. GWH has developed a reputation for highly detailed and yet good fitting kits. Something that Hobby Boss and Hasegawa F-14s aren’t with the latter.

The kit is clearly designed to have multiple variants and has the coveted flaps and slats lowered option. It’s interesting to note however, that none of the ‘Bombcat’ parts are in these pictures. Let’s see if they are added upon release.

Pictures from Fishbone Inc.

WIP : Fujimi 1/72 RF-4C Phantom II Pt.4 – Painting

Finally ready for painting!

I begin as usual with a base primer of black.

I’m trying something new with a marble coat of medium gray and white colors. Not sure if it’ll affect the final paintjob though. Let’s see…

Modern USAF F-4s came in a striking 2-tone gray camouflage of FS36270 and FS36118. For the lighter FS36270 ‘Neutral Gray’ I’m going with Vallejo Model Color Medium Sea Grey. This was thinned and with a few drops of Vallejo Glaze Medium added to cut down on the paint’s opacity.

Once cured I mask off the demarcation lines. Interestingly they are a mix of hard and soft edges. So it’s masking tape for the hard ones and blutack for the soft ones. I referenced the AirDOC info sheet for the camouflage pattern.

Next is FS36118 ‘Gunship Gray’ for the darker gray tone. I’m using Mig AMMO Medium Gunship Grey.

The Hasegawa sheet comes with the dark gray walkway decals but I think it will be easier to mask and spray it. The AirDOC instruction indicates that the walkways are outlines but checking photos online they are the solid dark gray type. So it’s time for more masking tape.

I used a mix of Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey and Engine Grey for the walkways. I think the tone is quite close to the photo reference.

So did the mix of gray and white marbling affect the final paintwork? In my opinion, nothing obvious. So the extra work wasn’t needed. Anyway, moving on.

Next up, the exhaust area which on the F-4 is bare metal and through time, gets gloriously weathered and stained. More masking ensues to get this done.

I went with Vallejo Metal Color Exhaust Manifold and Dull Aluminium. Weathering and staining will be done later.

The fuel tanks, pylon and ECM pod were duly painted in FS36118. The landing gear was painted as per instructed. A third metallic tone on the horizontal stabs was Model Air Metal Gun Grey.

Weathering and finishing next!

Build Log
Part 1 – Construction | Part 2 – Construction | Part 3 – Construction | Part 4 – Painitng

WIP : Fujimi 1/72 RF-4C Phantom II Pt.3 – Construction

So I was told by a fellow modeler that the fit of the 4-part canopy might not be great so I decided to do a quick dryfit. Thankfully they fit fine. Problem is the rear canopy has a crack in it. Nice. I’ll live with it. A dip in Future is next for these.

The nose inlets were attached and well, they didn’t look right.

They sit proud of the nose. Looking at reference photos, the ends should smoothly transition into the nose.

So I quickly sanded where they join the nose. The transition is smooth now.

I originally wanted to leave this alone but since I’ve done so much already I might as well do it. The ‘arrowheads’ on the horizontal stabs are not present for the RF-4C I’m modeling.

These were quickly trimmed away and sanded down.

I test-fitted the stabs into the slots on the fuselage. On the starboard side there are 2 visible holes that are out of place.

So I filled the gaps with plastic plate.

I marked all the panel lines on the spine since they will definitely be obliterated by the time I’m done fixing the gaps.

See? Anyway, now I need to scribe them all back. Also, all the panel lines are very fine (though nice), too fine in fact. So I went ahead and went over them lightly with my scriber.

My scribing skills is amateurish at best. And after a re-check, I missed out on the refueling door when I took this photo. Ah well.

I think they should look fine under some coats of primer and paint.

I’m modeling a USAF aircraft so I had to remove the panel lines for the air-to-air refueling door on the side of the cockpit.

The catapult strops are blanked off but the parts provided didn’t fit properly so I added 0.2mm plastic plate and carefully sanded it flush to the bottom.

The kit provides a clear HUD but it’s very thick so I decided to make one from scratch. First I cut out 2 small triangles from plastic plate to act as the HUD mount.

The HUD itself is a clear piece from a battery blister pack.

The RF-4C has a offset antenna on the spine. I added this using 0.2mm plastic plate. This was glued into a groove I cut out so it’ll have a stronger fit.

The final step before painting is attaching the ejection seats and the canopy in place.

Now I can FINALLY start finishing this thing.

Build Log
Part 1 – Construction | Part 2 – Construction | Part 3 – Construction | Part 4 – Painitng

Upcoming : Kittyhawk 1/48 AH-1W “Whiskey Cobra”

Kittyhawk is finally releasing the AH-1W variant of the AH-1 Cobra. I’ve been holding off getting the AH-1Z because I prefer the sleeker look of the AH-1W.

No release details yet but their AH-1Z has gotten good reviews so I expect the same with this one.

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