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WIP : Max Factory 1/72 Soltic Roundfacer Pt. 2 – Painting

Painting begins with a base coat of black. For this build, I tried Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black thinned with Mr. Color lacquer thinner for the base coat. Having not have much luck with using acrylic-based primers (I find them hard to use), using this new combo was very easy. I thinned the paint 1:1 and was done in no time. The finish is a lot stronger than acrylic primer : it doesn’t chip as easily. Going forward, I think I’ll base coat with lacquer paint.

I then added a marble coat with a gray color. I hoped that this would add some subtle variation of the actual color. I messed up the marble coat though and only realized why when I was cleaning the airbrush: the paint gunked up in the cup and nozzle. I suspect this is due to using Tamiya Acrylic Retarder on AK Interactive acrylic paint. I’ll need to test this some more.

Taking a look after painting, the marbling effect only shows up in the red colored parts.

I decided to do the marble coat again. As you can see, I’m not that neat about it.

The color scheme is a splinter camouflage of dunkelgrun and grau like what the German Luftwaffe used in WWII. First on is dunkelgrun (dark green). I then masked the pattern and sprayed grau (gray) next.

I do the same for the all the parts that will have the dunkelgrun and grau colors. The inside sections of the pelvis and shoulder plates where then painted in gunship gray.

Once these have cured it’s time for decals.

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