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WIP : Bandai 1/35 TA Shinden Pt. 4 – Weathering

Work continues to finish up this kit beginning with decals over a gloss coat. The markings are from my spares box.

After another glossing over, I did an oil wash with lamp black color. I went easy on this wash so it only added some depth to the panel lines.

Next, to tie the camo together, I did filters with white, yellow, blue and red oil paints.

Once the oil paint has cured, I started doing chipping by handpainting.

I then used a sponge for the smaller chips. I decided to go with heavier chipping this time. To blend the chips with the base colors, I went back to the same areas and chipped with the base colors.

I’m still finding it a challenge to make the chips look random enough.

Last on for now are the streaks I added on various parts. With that I’m 95% done with the weathering on this kit.

Next up is getting the base done where more weathering will be done to tie everything together.

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