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WIP : Bandai 1/35 TA Shinden Pt. 6 – Basing

Work on the base begins with gluing the cork pieces together with a hot glue gun.

Then I layer the surface with Vallejo Thick Mud – Light Brown. While it’s drying I pressed in a mix of small rocks from Woodland Scenics and my garden. I cut an Evergreen plastic tube in 5mm long pieces and pressed into the groundwork to simulate spent shells ejected form the Shinden’s gun. Logically they’d be ejected further out but ‘artistic license’.

Once the groundwork has cured, I preshaded with Model Color Raw Umber. Model Color Iraqi Sand is then sprayed over this.

Then the fun begins with gluing the wreckage pieces into place.

Once dried, I weathered all the pieces with more of the Vallejo Thick Mud. This was thinned so it doesn’t look as pebbly.

Then, more weathering with filters, washes and streaks with oil paint were done. I also gave the ground a light drybrush and added tufts of grass in random spots.

The shells were handpainted Game Air Brassy Brass.

Up next is attaching the figures and Shinden, slightly weather them further, and I can call this done.

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