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A look back at 2016

12 is definitely a huge milestone for me as I’ve never ever completed more than 4 in a year. I hope I can build on this and perhaps get more builds done. Then perhaps the mountain that is my stash will finally start to lower? 😀

That being said, I could have probably finished more since my last build was the F-14B in October. But a few things happened: 2 of my airbrushes started going wonky, I did some traveling with the family, work piled up, I fell sick a few times and most importantly, my son has started building model kits and my focus went there.

This year was a year of a few firsts:

  • First figure
  • First weathering with salt and sponge chipping and filtering with oil paint
  • First groundwork
  • First helicopter kit
  • First custom decal work
  • First bare metal finishing

In the new year, I hope to:

  • Finish at least a dozen builds again
  • Hoard less (which I think would be a lot more doable in 2017)
  • Expand further into other genres

So which one is my favorite build of 2016? I’d have to say the VF-102 F-14B but the Snowspeeder was the most problem-free and for the first kit I’ve ever severely weathered, it didn’t turn out half bad.

And that’s it! To more finished kits and less last minute disasters, bring on 2017!

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