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A look at Rocket Punch in 2016

So I was a lot more active in updating the site in 2016. But it’s for one obvious reasons I just built more models. Still, it’s interesting to see the growth the site has seen. Some facts from 2016:

Towards the end of 2016, I debated adding a RocketPunch Facebook page to run parallel with this site. For one thing I think it would drive more traffic to this site and since it’s a lot easier to update, I’d have more content up. I ended up scuttling that idea because I didn’t really want to have to add more sites to update. Also, I think I’ll end up updating the Facebook page and start to ignore this one (I’ve seen it happen often). Lastly, the plan is never to start monetizing this site anyway and I’m happy the way it is.

So looking at ahead at 2017, I hope the updates continue in a more or less consistent basis but this will of course, depend on whether I can keep up with building like I did last year.


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