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It’s like 2023 all over again…

While I can’t say I’m surprised, it’s still very disappointing that it has happened to me again. I tore the retina of my left eye about three weeks ago and the worst has happened: I now need a vitrectomy procedure for it.

So basically, just like last year, I’ll be going under the knife to get my retina re-attached. I’ll then need two weeks of intensive recovery where I’ll be required to do a looking down posture for the majority of my waking hours (while sleeping on my stomach during sleeptime). And then there’s be about three months of rehab where I’ll have a silicone oil bubble in my eye helping with recovery which based on experience, will definitely cause some sort of distortion in my vision. Only after the silicone bubble is removed will I then find out how much of my vision will be back. If it’s like my right eye though, I don’t expect it to be back at 100%. But I’m an eternal optimist.

Anyway, while I likely won’t touch modeling again for about three months I do have some site posts that I still need to publish.

So just like 2023, i hope to be back on the saddle soon!

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