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Preview: Corvus Belli Haqqislam Kameel Remotes

This is just a quick look at something that came in today even though I’ve ordered this since March.

This is a mecha from the wargame Infinity by Corvus Belli. The unit is a Kameel Remote from the Haqqislam faction. And no, I don’t play the wargame at all. I got this because it looked cool. On with the pics and some thoughts!

Boxart is nice with 2 nicely painted examples. This is a side opening box.

The side opening box reveals a clamsell hard cardboard box which is stuffed with foam. Alas, the parts are simply thrown into the box with some of the more sensitive ones squeezed into a small ziplock bag. You actually get 2 complete Remote units in the box. The models are the same but the weapons are different. Oh did I mention these are white metal kits?

To get a sense of size, the round radar dish is about 15mm across. No markings are included. Neither is there an instruction sheet, not that one is really needed since each unit is only about a dozen parts.

2 plastic baseplates are also included. These are for wargaming after all.

Details are quite nice but not the sharpest and requires removal of ‘pour’ stubs similar to resin kits. Almost all of the parts have this er… feature. There are also burr lines running along almost all the parts.

So definitely not shake and bake kits. But ‘No Challenge No Kick’ I guess…

Preview courtesy of my wallet

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