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Completed Builds

Completed : Wave 1/72 AFC-01H Legioss Eta

Kit InfoBrand: Wave KM-01Scale: 1/72Media: StyreneMarkings: Kit The SubjectThe AFH-01 Legioss is the main combat fighter of the Second Earth Recapture Force which was tasked with freeing Earth from the Inbit, an alien race that conquered Earth in 2050. It is a variable fighter that can transform between three modes: the...

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On the Bench

WIP : Wave 1/72 Legioss Eta – Construction & Finishing

This is a snapfit kit from Wave Corporation of the main mecha in Genesis Climber Mospeada. As you can see, the color separation leaves much to be desired and painting is definitely required. I’ve had this kit snapfitted for a few years now and the plastic had become more brittle. The result was that I …...

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Hobby Musings

Remembering : Robotech

In the early 1980s, my older brother who was studying in the US would record me video cassettes worth of cartoons. If I remembered correctly there were 21 cassettes at 8 hours each. Yup. That made for a lot of 30 minute cartoons. Among them was a little gem called Robotech. Robotech is an 85-episode …...

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