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WIP : Wave 1/72 Legioss Eta – Construction & Finishing

This is a snapfit kit from Wave Corporation of the main mecha in Genesis Climber Mospeada. As you can see, the color separation leaves much to be desired and painting is definitely required.

I’ve had this kit snapfitted for a few years now and the plastic had become more brittle. The result was that I broke one of the hip joints while separating the parts for cleaning up. I was going to throw the kit away right then but decided to try my luck and emailed Wave Corporation to see if I could buy a spare lower body directly from them. I posted about my experience here.

Anyway, the spares finally arrived and comparing it to the original, the color had changed. Not that it mattered in the scheme of things though.

Checking the other parts I found that a few of the polycaps had cracked. They still worked but the clutch power is lesser now.

After some time spent fixing gaps it was time to paint. The lack of much part separation meant there’s a lot of masking involved for painting.

The Wave decals were easy to use and went onto the kit without issue. I did manage to tear the ’21’ on the wing/back which I fixed by masking and spraying.

I didn’t do any weathering besides a simple panel wash for this kit and I kept it in separate assemblies as long as I could before final assembly.

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