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Musings : Kudos to Wave Corporation!

So there I was disassembling my Wave 1/72 Legioss kit to prepare for painting when the hip joint snapped due to my gorilla strength. After some cursing and swearing, I took a look online and saw that the kit was long discontinued. So I checked the kit to see the broken part could be repaired. No go there either.

It’s common knowledge that you’re up a creek when you’re trying to get part replacements from Japanese manufacturers as they only cater to the Japanese customer base. But I decided to drop an email to Wave Corporation anyway. I asked if I could buy the replacement hip part and get it shipped to Indonesia. I wasn’t really expecting a response though.

A rep surprisingly answered my email after a few days and didn’t just confirm I could get a replacement part, he offered to send it to me free of charge via EMS! And this was even after I told him it wasn’t just the one part, it was the whole hip assembly since I’ve cemented everything together.

Due to the pandemic, Wave couldn’t send the item directly to me in Indonesia so I had them send it to Singapore instead. I finally received the item today and check it out:

They threw in a another freebie! Wow. This was going above and beyond what I was expecting.

I’m now a supporter for life. Thanks again Wave Corporation! Much appreciated.


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