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WIP : Bandai Stormtrooper Pt. 4

Mild weathering done with a mixture of Blue Black + Burnt Umber oil paint mix. Mid-way through this I remembered that Bandai plastic has a tendency to crack from turpentine. Hopefully this one holds like my Snowspeeder. It’s also at this point that I think the paint chips look too random. Oh well, chalk it up to lesson learned and I’m moving on. A semi-gloss coat is next and then I’ll dirty up the boots and do some light drybrushing on the black areas and then I’ll call it done.

Work was also done on the base that came with the kit. I decided to simply added a pile of rubble for one of the figure’s foot to stand on. The ‘height’ of the rock pile was done by initially adding a few pieces of cork and then layering some broken cement pieces I found in my home with hot glue.. The groundwork is 2 grades of sand from Woodland Scenics which were glued to the base with white glue. Unfortunately the white glue was too thin so quite a few of the groundwork came off in patches during drybrushing so I had to re-do these. A plus of re-doing is now I can add some uneven-ness to the groundwork. Grasswork were then glued on with white glue.

The terrain colors are simply a base of dark gray, mid layer of dark brown for the dirt, a wash of dark gray, then drybrushing with a light brown for the dirt and light gray and white for the rocks. The patched up terrain was dark brown, dark gray wash and a drybrush of light brown. I did this to add some variance to the overall colors.

The finish line is in sight!

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