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WIP : 1/72 Skunkmodels Reaper Pt. 1

I couldn’t resist starting on this when it arrived a few days ago. A pleasant surprise is the inclusion of 2 units of MQ-9s in the box, with 2 complete sets of decals too. A greater surprise is how big the MQ-9 actually is…

It came together straightforward enough although the in order to get the shape of the tail right Skunkmodels ended up casting it in 2 left and right halves, with the rest of the fuselage in upper and lower halves. The nose required some weights although Skunkmodels doesn’t specify how much is needed. I hope I’ve put in enough since the landing gear doesn’t feel strong enough to bear too much weight.

The parts have what feels like some oil release all over the parts and the panel lines don’t look as fine as what you will get from Tamigawa or even Italeri. However, they do come off the sprue and cement easily. Unfortunately my kit’s left wing is warped as seen from the picture above. Otherwise though, there’s a bare minimum of seamlines and the build is quite straightforward so I can start on the finishing very soon.

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