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WIP : Bandai 1/35 TA Shinden Pt. 2 – Painting the figures

Time to get more figure painting practice in. The figures were put together with all the accessories except the helmets attached. Starting with the medic, I first primed the figure black.

Then I added highlights with white. This assumes the main light source (ie. The Sun) is up above.

The base colors are handpainted on. The camouflage I’m using is not really based on any real-life uniforms. It’s simply a mix of tan, green, brown and black. The vest and other accessories are mainly olive drab. The result looks somewhat like a desert-ized form of tiger-striped camouflage.

I then filtered the figure with medium brown, dark brown and dark gray washes. I also went back in to adjust the skin color. I went through this wash and detailed painting a few times, adjusting to taste along the way.

The result is not too bad. Getting the skintone right is definitely the biggest challenge.

With its head facing forward, the wounded figure would be the bigger challenge. I went through the same process as the first figure and the result looks better I think.

I think I pulled off the skintone better on this one. I also changed up the color of the pouches to break up the monotony of olive drab. When in the AO, you can’t really be bothered to color coordinate.

For the bloody wound, I carefully dabbed 2 shades of red onto the leg and gave the spot a brown wash.

I then went in to paint some small details on the figures like the red button on the walkie talkie and the grip on the medic’s pistol. I also added patches onto the shoulders.

And now I officially can’t see straight anymore.

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