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WIP : HGUC 1/144 RGM-79D – Construction & Finishing

The next build for my RGM collection is the RGM-79D GM Cold Climate from the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket’ OVA series. As usual it was pretty much cannon fodder but at least it put up a fight. Anyway the kit is one of the earlier releases from the HGUC line so it has the usual squat look from that time period.

It’s nothing that some healthy use of plastic plates can’t fix. Below was how I lengthened the neck.

I also extended the limbs, torso and skirts. The oversized fists were replaced with the ones from the Bandai Builder Parts pack.

Much better now I think!

Once the tedious work of seamline cleaning was done it was time to put paint on plastic. I decided to follow the color scheme of the original line art with just an added darker gray in a digital scheme for all the gray areas.

The shield was also given a digital scheme using two shades of red.

The parts were painted separately as usual.

Before decaling I handpainted details like the vents, the head vulcans and the mouth vents.

Decals went on over a gloss coat to reduce the chance of silvering.

I then did some mild chipping using the sponge method before given the kit a panel wash with Flory Dark Dirt Wash. I then faded, stained and streaked using AK Starship Filth oil paint. I kept this relatively clean since it’s operating in snowed areas.

And another GM joins my collection. I really should be able to bang these out quite quickly at this point but I always slow down in various stages. Anyway, on to the next build.

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