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Preview : 1/72 Moscato Hobby MBR-04-Mk. VI Destroid Tomahawk

Kit Info
Manufacturer: Moscato Hobby
Scale: 1/72
Media: Resin
Parts: 67
Price: US$100.00

The Subject
First introduced in 2006, the MBR-04 series were the first combat-capable destroids. The Mk I Destroid, armed with rocket launchers and 2 arms, served as a basis for the variants. The Mk VI Tomahawk is the heaviest armed variant of the MBR-04 series. Deployed in 2007, there is no less than 7 different weapon systems on the Tomahawk.

The Destroid line quickly became obselete however when variable-technology was introduced. As such, Destroids became second-line units, assigned to garrison duties, riot control and more importantly, as mobile defensive weapons platforms for the SDF-1 Macross.

The Kit
This is an extremely limited run resin model. I estimate there’s less than 100 in existence. How did I find it? The sculptor John Moscato hangs out in the Macross World forums and once in a while, he’ll do a limited run on his sculpts. I quickly jumped on the Tomahawk since it’s my favorite Destroid design. Old FASA Battletech players will also recognize the Tomahawk as the Warhammer, one of the most popular Battlemech in that universe.

100 bucks isn’t cheap by any means, but after having a look at it, I think it’s well worth it. A peek inside the box are: all the parts in 2 ziplock bags wrapped with a thin foam sheet and a decal sheet. No instructions here. It’s a garage kit so the instructions have to be downloaded from Moscato’s website.

I’m not sure squeezing everything into 2 ziplock bags is a good idea since there are some fine parts in the kit. In fact, those parts that are more fragile are put into a smaller ziplock bag which is itself put inside one of the 2 larger ones.

Anyhow, the parts are on the whole very nicely done. Rivet counters will love the intricate details Moscato did on the sculpt since the whole mecha has finely done rivets all over. I love the small details included: extra threads on the sides of the feet, fine engraved panel lines along some of the parts, removable missiles on the shoulder missile pack and even clear parts for the canopy!

Out of the box, the kit is meant to be a fixed pose model with brass rods as pins but with some polycaps and joints parts, I’m sure some enterprising modeler can turn this into a fairly poseable kit. I plan to keep it fixed pose though. It also builds into a big bulky tank-looking mecha which is a very nice contrast to the more lithe and mobile Battroid Valkyrie.

One of the cooler options for the Tomahawk is the the choice to pose the torso missile covers opened or closed. The missiles themselves are very nicely done and it will be a shame to model the Tomahawk with the covers closed. I haven’t made up my mind either way yet.

This being a garage kit, I was expecting some problem areas. Most online reviews of this kit said that all the parts were excellent. I guess I’m just unlucky as one part in particular will require extensive repair. It has a very nasty gouge in it which will require quite a bit of putty to fill up. Besides that, I’ll need to add back the details the gouge managed to destroy. In addition, the end of the part was molded pretty badly so that needs some fixing too. One of the gun barrels was also slightly warped which should be easily fixed.

Oh well, it ain’t modeling if it ain’t challenging I guess.

[Update] A Carl J. Wampler has kindly emailed me about a mistake I’ve made. His email as follows:

Sir, I would like to point out in your Review of the John F. Moscoto Kit that you have made an Error in your review.

The Kit that you have reviewed is 1 of 2 versions that John had produced.

The kit that you have reviewed was the Battle Damaged version of the Kit. I am Attaching Pictures of the Kit to show you why John did this, It had been Stated on Samari Monkey and on Macross world forums that both kits would be created. You received the 2nd run of the kits that John had created. So in Error to your Review, this is only the 2nd and Battle Damaged Production of the kit.

My bad then! This kit is perfectly fine.

The decal sheet is nicely done by what I think is from an ALPS printer. The markings are generic enough that I’m sure stuff from the spares box can be used on the Tomahawk should that be required.

All in all, I love this kit. It’s the only 1/72 kit of the subject in the market right now. I don’t really see Hasegawa ever doing any of the Destroids frankly (Update: Wave Corporation has since released 1/72 injection plastic Destroid kits, but not the Destroid Spartan). My Tomahawk can then happily stand next to my Hasegawa Valkyries and not look out of scale.

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