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A look at Rocket Punch in 2020

I finished 11 kits in 2020!

I would have finished 12 if not for the long build that F-16A TOPGUN 51 turned out to be. In any case, at the beginning of the year I set a target of 10 completed so I managed to go 1 kit beyond the target. Unfortunately it’s not because I was building faster but partly due to Covid-19, which upended all sorts of plans and expectations.

My 12th kit is on the painting stages so hopefully I can get a headstart to this year. I’m setting myself the target of 12 finished for 2021. I think I’ll need to be smarter with my choice of subjects though and have easier builds mixed in with the complex ones. But I’ll be keeping my ‘one shitty kit a year’ build tradition.

For 2020 my favorite build would be the Grumman F-14A+ Kai Tomcat from Macross Zero. The F-16A TOPGUN 51 would be a very close second. Both of these builds were the most challenging in 2020 so I guess being able to finish them with decent results was very satisfying.

The most trouble-free build this year was the VR-1D Valkyrie with the only challenge being the minor conversion work needed. Such a smooth build, if only it was like that every time eh?

In any case, here are some stats and facts about my site in 2020:

So it looks like people really like Macross and F-14s. Even better when you combine them! To be fair though, it’s likely because it can attract both military aviation and anime fans.

When it comes to military aircraft in real life, it’s very difficult to get side-by-side comparisons. I’ve come to the stage where nowadays when I finish a build I can also take a photo of it next to a related build. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more and more related builds into a single photo.

In 2019 I made the switch to having more detailed build logs and went whole hog on it for 2020. I’ve gotten positive feedback about my WIP posts but have felt that taking so many photos slows down my building. Maybe I’ll streamline my process more but still keep the detailed WIPs. Let’s see how I can work that out.

So will the pandemic end in 2021? I think it’ll only begin to slow down it’s spread in the 2nd quarter and won’t be totally under control until 2022. So this means movement and travel protocols will still be in place for the forseeable future. Which then means there wll still be a lot of time to sit down and fiddle with plastic models.

So 12 kits in 2021 is… quite possible? We’ll find out by 2022.

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