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WIP : 1/72 Academy F-8E Crusader Pt. 4

After another round of fixing the seams and rescribing, I called it done and did a final primer coat to prep for painting. For this kit I used Vallejo White Primer instead of the usual Tamiya rattle can primer. It required multiple thin coats but at least it doesn’t smell as bad.

As is the norm in the 1960s, the Crusader’s camouflage is made up of a glossy light grey up top and white on the bottom. I decided to use the primer as the white color of the camouflage so I masked off the moving surfaces on top which needed to remain white.

The gray is FS16440 Light Gull Grey which I matched to Vallejo Model Air US Light Grey 045. This color is matched to FS36440, a matt version of FS16440. After spraying it on though, I find that the color seems overly warm compared to what I’ve seen of the F-8E online (here, here, here and here).

I’m not sure if this is a trick of the lighting even though my photo is taken with a daylight balanced flash. Also interesting to note is that even on the 4 sample photos of the real aircraft, the grey all look to be of different shades. The only thing common about them is they are cooler (blue) than what I have.

I think I’ll check out the color under daylight after it cures…

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