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WIP : Wave 1/20 Rally Pawn Pt. 3

This is the first time I’m painting a large-scaled head. The results aren’t great (the irises aren’t the same size) but I think it’s quite OK for a first effort. Plus it will be hidden under a helmet and behind a visor. Everything was done by handpainting and filtered with washes.

Next up decals. I went easy on the markings after a round of gloss coat on the kit. The fitting of the kit isn’t great with big seamlines everywhere but the decals went on very nicely and reacted very well with Mark Softer.

I then added chipping by slowly handpainting with Game Color Black, Mig AMMO Medium Gunship Gray and Vallejo Light Gull Gray. I tried my best to be random about the chipping. Not sure I really pulled it off though.

Then I added washes and filter using Vallejo Black Model Wash. It doesn’t flow as well as an oil paint wash but it turned out OK for this build.

I then added some dusting on the feet and hands using Tamiya Weather Masters but the effect was toned down after a coat of matt varnish to seal everything up.

Final assembly is next with the visor and helmet and doing up a base.

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