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WIP : Wave 1/20 SAFS – Construction & Finishing

I found another Shelf Queen which was quite near to the painting stages so what better time than do roll up the sleeves and finish it?

Most of the gap filling had already been done although I spotted more things that I needed to fix.

The Wave kits use polycaps for attaching the limbs so they are somewhat poseable although the range is quite limited.

I added epoxy putty over the polycap joints to fix the pose. The folds were done randomly.

I also added hoses to connect the feet to the lower legs using lead wire.

While waiting for the epoxy putty to dry I played around with some color schemes in Photoshop. I really liked the one on the top row, second from the left but realized I’d used it before in my old Gasaraki Shinden build.

Anyway, once the epoxy was dry it was time to put paint to plastic. I began with the usual Mr Hobby Black Finishing Surfacer as the base.

The color scheme was Tamiya Deck Tan as the lighter color and Tamiya Khaki Drab for the darker one. The yellow areas was Vallejo Game Air Gold Yellow over a base of Tamiya Pink which resulted in a very deep orangy yellow tone. The joint colors were handpainted Mecha Color Medium Grey.

At this point I also started on the base.

The idea I had for the base was having some downed tree trunks as a point of interest. The trunks were branches gathered on walks around my neighborhood. I thought I had a good idea, but the end result lacks… something. In any case, I don’t think I executed it right.

Anyway, after the paint has cured, I added the decals. The ‘eyes’ were from a Bandai Iron Blooded Orphans sheet while I cobbled the others from random sheets in my stash. The resulting resemblance to Keroro Gunso is entirely coincidental!

I then chipped the whole kit using a sponge and then gave an overall wash of AK Abteilung Starship Filth.

I then did spot staining, streaking and fading with Starship Filth, Dust, Neutral Grey and White oil paints. Nothing too drastic though.

I then pinned the kit to the base and added a bit more weathering around the feet.

All done and another Queen off the shelf.

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