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Completed : Wave 1/20 AFSSA E6C/E6 New Rally Pawn

Kit Info
Brand: Wave
Scale: 1/20
Media: Injection Plastic and Rubber
Markings: Kit

The Subject
The New Rally Pawn is an update of the AFSSA E3C/E3CB Luna Pawn, which is the space variant of the land-based Armored Fighting Suit. The Rally Pawn addresses the main shortcomings of the Luna Pawn which are the relatively weak ceramic armor and lack of burners. Air circulation and motor efficiency are also improved. The nickname ‘Rally Pawn’ is in contrast to the original ‘Luna Pawn’, which has a reputation of being a one way ticket to the moon with little chance of coming back.

Info adapted from the back of the box

The Kit
This kit is part of the wave (heh) of new releases by Wave Corporation when SF3D was revived as Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000 (Ma.K in short) in the late 90s. While Wave reboxed some of the original Nitto molds, this is a new mold and is a 2015 rebox of the Luna Pawn which was released in 2006. It has new parts to build the (in-universe) upgraded Rally Pawn.

The parts are molded in pink. Yes. Really. They are also snapfit. While the original Nitto releases were multimedia affairs with copper wires, rubber and PE bits, Wave’s issues are all injection plastic with rubber used for the joints and hoses. It makes for a less detailed kit but in exchange it would make for a less fiddly build.

I don’t have a Luna Pawn kit to compare with but it looks like the parts for the Luna Pawn are all still in this box.

The Build
Right up front I have to say that it’s not really a snapfit kit in the vein of Bandai’s gunpla. Fitting isn’t great and there are noticeable seamlines when parts are joined together. Even snapping the parts together requires some finessing and I pretty much used cement on almost every part except the joints.

The joints themselves are made from a waxy rubber which resist any kind of painting. I decided to coat them with white glue to help with adhesion. It’s not a perfect solution as some of the glue peeled off. I’ll try something else for the next build.

Poseability is marginal. While not floppy, the joints aren’t meant for changing the kit pose repeatedly. But at least it’s not a static model.

Colors & Markings
I decided to go with a simple gray (Game Color Stonewall Grey) and blue (Game Air Sombre Grey) color scheme for this build and I went through my process in a previous post.

I have a general lack of skill in figure painting but I think it turned out OK. It helps that the visor covers most of the head though. I also scratched the visor with a buffing pad to add some wear and tear. As usual for me, markings are kept to a minimum.

Weathering-wise, I began with some sponge chipping and then added more by hand with various colors. Panel lining and wash (acrylic this time) was then added. I wasn’t very careful about this figuring that it’ll add more to the wear and tear’ look. Last on was some dusting on the feet and the right hand with Tamiya Weathering Masters. This was my first time trying this product and it worked easily although it disappeared under a flat coat. I had to redo most of the dusting.

I decided to make a small vignette and for this build, I tried out air dry clay to add some volume to the groundwork. While it was drying I pressed the feet of the kit onto the clay to simulate some weight that’s acting on the ground. The rest of the groundwork was done the same way as on my Stormtrooper build. At the last minute though I remembered that the Rally Pawn was deployed for space use so I did a thick drybrushing of gray color on the base. I think it turned out well although I think the moon surface would be a more uniform gray.

In any case, I’m done. This is my first Ma.k kit and while the build quality isn’t great, I quite enjoyed it. I’ll definitely build more of these.

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