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Preview : 1/48 Wolfpack Design F-5E Tiger II Update set

Kit Info
Manufacturer: Wolfpack Design
Scale: 1/48
Media: Resin
Parts: 10
Price: US$20.00

The Subject
The Northrop F-5E Tiger II is one of the most widely used light supersonic fighter aircraft in the world. First introduced in the 1960s, there are currently hundreds still being fielded by numerous air forces. The Tiger II is an improved second-generation of the F-5 Tiger and is used by American Cold War allies. The U.S armed forces had no need for a frontline light fighter but it operated the Tiger II as part of training and aggressor aircraft in limited quantities.

Many F-5s continue to serve as frontline aircraft into the 190s and 2000s and have undergone a wide variety of upgrade programs to keep pace wit the changing combat environment.

The Kit
Wolfpack Design is a relatively new Korean aftermarket company specializing in resin detail sets for the aircraft genre. However, in a short period of time, they have released a lot of detail sets covering NATO-based aircraft, including the Tiger II.

What you get in the box
(Picture from Wolfpack Design’s website)

Now the Tiger II kit itself is a pretty old kit. There have only been 2 manufacturers (that I know of) who has done the Tiger II; ESCI and Monogram (both defunct). Releases since the originals came out in the 1970s have always been one of these two molds, with the Monogram being the better of the two. Being a kit of its time, it has raised panel lines and pretty simple breakdown of parts. But it did build into a decent enough Tiger II as the shape was quite accurate.

The Wolfpack Design F-5E Tiger II Update set does exactly what it says, it provides the parts necessary to update the venerable kit into on of the current versions of Tiger II that are still operational in the world’s air forces including Brazil, Chile, Singapore and the ones operated by the USAF, USN and USMC (a full list of current Tiger II operators can be found here).

The set itself is simple enough. In the sturdy black box is just 10 parts with a full color A5-sized instruction sheet. Parts included are:

  • Shark nose radome
  • LEX
  • AN/ALE-29 Chaff/Flare Dispenser
  • Refueling Probe
  • Extended tail fin
  • 150 gal. Fuel Tank

Combinations of these 10 parts will allow me to build almost every modern derivative of the Tiger II. The parts are molded in a light grey resin and are casted very nicely with absolutely no bubbles that I can see. Resin pour tabs to be removed are all easily cut away and I foresee little trouble in fitting this set to the Monogram kit. Wolfpack Design specifically states that this set is for the Monogram Tiger II. I don’t have the ESCI molding so I’m not sure whether this set will fit.

The instructions are very clear and concise and the best part, it tells you which parts you will need to use for each operator’s Tiger II as not all countries modified their Tigers the same way. Nice.

Unless you’re willing to do some scratchbuilding, I think this set is a must for any Tiger II fan!

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