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A look at Rocket Punch in 2019

I finished 8 kits in 2019.

That’s less than 2018 and again falling short of my target of 12. I actually had the 9th kit on the finishing stages but a last minute disaster means I’ll only be able to finish it in 2020.

My favorite build of 2019 was definitely the VF-1S Super Strike Valkyrie because I’m a sucker for heavily armed mecha and I think the result is very striking (heh).

The most trouble-free build was definitely the A-36 Apache. Even the usually problematic sharkmouth decal went on without a hitch.

For 2020 I’ve decided to be less ambitious and target 10 completed kits.

OK, some stats about my site:

Curiously, there were visitors to the Shelf Queens page which really only lists my shelf of shame. 😀

Overall I get less interest from my non-Macross mecha kits compared to my aircraft builds. I think it might be because I share more of my aircraft builds in Facebook Groups than the other subjects.

So what’s in store for 2020? More of the same I think, with hopefully just as detailed WIPs that I’ve started doing in 2019. They take some effort to do since they can break the building momentum but I like seeing WIPs of people’s builds so it’s my way to ‘pay it back’.

Finished, not perfect. Finished, not perfect. Onwards to 10 builds for 2020.

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