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Completed : Wave 1/20 SAFS MK.III Recon Type Rapoon

Kit Info
Brand: Wave
Scale: 1/20
Media: Injection
Markings: Kit + Custom

The Subject
The SAFS MK.III Rapoon is a reconnaissance variant of the SAFS MK.III Raptor deployed by the mercenary forces.

Yep. That’s all I know. There’s a general lack of translated information about Ma.K stuff 🙂

The Kit
This kit was released in 2017. I believe it’s the first time the Rapoon has been issued in injection form. Like all Wave injection kits, the plastic is rather soft although the details are quite sharp. Other details I note:

  • The kit comes in 140 or so dark red parts including 2 clear parts
  • The joints and the hoses are made from polycap material so there is (limited) poseability
  • There is an open cockpit option with 2 types of pilot heads
  • The left arm can be a laser or a normal manipulator
  • The nose sensor assembly is in a fixed position
  • Assembly guide is a booklet type
  • The decal sheet offers multiple options as usual and is nicely printed

All in all, the usual Wave Ma.K product. Based on experience, the fit will be so-so and the limbs will be slightly loose even with the use of polycaps.

The Build
The kit is advertised as snapfit. As per usual with Wave kits though, cement helps greatly: do not expect Bandai levels of engineering here. It’s also advertised as poseable and comes with polycaps for the joints but these are not stiff like what you get from Bandai. The range of poseability is very limited and loosen quite quickly.

The joint covers are also made from polycap material which do not paint well so in the end I decided on a pose, cemented everything in place, then replaced the joint covers with ones made from epoxy putty.

Colors & Markings
Since the Rapoon is a ground unit I went with ground-based camo. I picked a random green and gray color in my collection and free hand sprayed the colors. I then lost my momentum and left it aside for a few months in that painted state.

After finally deciding to get off my butt and finish this thing, I added the decals then I went ahead with the sponge chipping. Doing this from the beginning will make paint chips look older once other weathering steps are done. I did the panel wash with diluted raw umber oil paint.

Once dried I went ahead to filter with blue and yellow then faded with white oil paint. Smudges and streaks were also added using Starship Filth oil paint from Mig AMMO. The feet were weathered using a light brown color (Dusty Earth from Mig AMMO).

Once pinned to the base, I did final weathering with a pigment mixture on the legs and the base to tie everything together.

And I’m done. What should have been my fifth finished kit is now my last one of the year.

Build Log
> Part 1 : Construction
> Part 2 : Painting & Finishing

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