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WIP : Bandai 1/144 RGC-80 GM Cannon Pt.2 – Construction

It has taken awhile but here we are with more work done on the GM Cannon. I replaced the left fist with a clenched one from a Builders Parts set. The cover for the back of the hand is the kit part modified to fit the new fist.

I added a Kotobukiya nozzle to cover up the shield connector on the forearm.

I added a visor with plastic plate.

More nozzles to cover connector holes.

The tip of the shoulder cannon was detailed up with a Kotobukiya nozzle.

I don’t like how the thighs look with the extra panel lines so I filled these up with epoxy putty.

The nozzles on the lower legs were also covered up and the extra details on the knees were trimmed off.

Time to start sanding, sanding and more sanding!

Build Log
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