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WIP : Games Workshop Space Marine Pt. 1

So I decided I really should try my hand on some figure painting. This is a Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000. As you can see there are 10 figures in 1 box so if I botch this one I can try try again.

First up, I cut out all the parts needed to make up 1 figure. The box lets you customize your figure with various heads, weapons, accessories and arms but I decided to go with the simplest configuration: a typical Space Marine grunt armed with a basic Bolter.

Quality-wise it’s actually not too bad. The details aren’t as fine as Tamigawa but I think for a boardgame piece that someone will handle roughly, this is very nicely done. The sprue connections are a bit heavy handed but at least it’s easy enough to clean.

The Bolter comes with the pistol grip which needs to be removed and I left it unattached from the hands to make painting easier. The muzzle is blanked off at the tip so drilled a small hole on it to add a bit of detail.

The rest of the Marine is cemented together and will be painted together.

Clean-up of the mold lines was done by scraping them with my modeling knife and sanding with 320 and 1,000 grit sandpaper.

And that’s it. Priming and rechecking for mold lines are next.

Build Log
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