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WIP : Games Workshop Space Marine Pt. 2

I decided to depict a Space Marine from the Ultramarines chapter which means an overall blue color scheme. Painting begins with a black undercoat. I’m using AK Interactive Black Primer for this.

Then it’s spraying Vallejo Foundation White on the areas where logically would be the brightest. It’s also here that I fixed some of the seamlines and sprue cut marks.

Then it’s a liberal coat of Vallejo Ultramarine over the whole figure. Taking care not to totally cover the black color in the crevices. The Aquila (eagle emblem) was left un-colored.

Next is an overall thick wash with Vallejo Model Wash Dark Gray.

Then I go back in with Ultramarine, making sure I don’t paint into the corners so the wash is still visible. I then painted the shoulder armor and Aquila with Model Air Metal Silver. They should be gold color but my bottle of gold has split and can’t be used. It’s also at this point where I painted the mouth piece and joints with Vallejo Black Gray.

Following that is another wash of dark gray over the silver and a much lighter wash into all the details on the figure. I touch up with ultramarine if the wash gets too heavy.

For the eyes, I first painted Foundation White as a base and a few coats of Vallejo Transparent Red over them.

Then it’s time for highlights. I first used Vallejo Sky Blue on the edges and then toned them down with another thin wash of black gray. The results are I think a bit too subtle but acceptable. I also added some very subtle highlighting of the silver parts with white.

So, a bit more detailed painting, decals, boltgun and the base next.

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