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WIP : 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A Valkyrie Pt. 5

So I was expecting to finish this build by this weekend… but it was not to be…

I decided to assemble the major assemblies together before doing the panel line wash, so first up, the gun was clamped in between the two part bottom fuselage.

Then the head assembly was cemented into position.

Next the engines and intakes are glued in place.

The gun and bottom fuselage are then attached and I’m primarily done. The rest would be panel washed separately before a final assembling together.

So I first did a wash on the port wing with Vallejo Model Wash Black Gray and it turns out that the Future coat I did was not thick enough and I had to really go in and scrub the wash to get rid of it. And even after doing that, there are still stains all around the wing. I’ll need to do another gloss coat over the whole kit to get it smoother.

So the kit is now shelved for another round of gloss coating. In the meantime, I panel washed the landing gear with no issue with Vallejo Model Wash Gray which gave them some subtle depth. I then painted the clear bits Transparent Red or Blue and brushpainted Future over them to prepare for final installation.

So, a delay then. But luckily not too much of one.

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