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WIP : Games Workshop Space Marine Pt. 3

The box comes with a set of decals with a ton of choices of markings. I decided to go with an arrow on the right shoulder and the Ultramarines insignia on the left. To prep for them I brushed on some Future.

Meantime, I painted the Purity Seal with Transparent Red on top of Foundation White for the seal and Desert Yellow over Sand Light for the parchment. Both were given a Vallejo Model Wash Brown wash and drybrushed with Foundation White.

Next I detailed the eyes with a spot of Foundation White in the corners to give an impression of reflection. I also lightly painted the Aquila with Silver again to pop up the details.

The Bolter was given the same treatment as the figure: a base color of Silver and Ultramarine, then a wash with Model Wash Black, then detailed painting with Ultramarine and Gunmetal Gray, then highlights with Sky Blue and Silver which were then toned down with a wash of Ultramarine and Gunmetal Gray.

I then went back to the figure to do clean-up like around the eyes and to lessen some of the preshades on the limbs. I also decided to redo the highlights with Sky Blue. Then I put on the decals on the shoulders. They were surprisingly opaque but didn’t really want to conform around the curves of the shoulders so I had to brush on a few layers of Mark Softer along with using a sharp knife to cut the decals so they can conform better. The last step was to then attach the Bolter.

And I’m done with the figure! Doing up the base is next.

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