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WIP : Hasegawa 1/48 F-104J Starfighter Pt. 4 – Painting

Painting the bare metal finish is next. I’ve had good results from the Vallejo Metal Color line which are acrylics, a more exotic choice than the usual lacquers like Alclad.

I begin by masking off the colored areas with masking tape and paper.

First on is Metal Color Aluminium.

The paint goes on easily when slightly thinned.

I then removed all the masking tape to check the work. Unfortunately I didn’t do a good job masking off the antiglare panel.

So after more masking, I repainted the dark green color. There were also minor spots that needed fixing which I settled at this point.

The fuel tanks were straightforward.

Based on photos I’ve seen, there are variations of color at the aft end of the fuselage so I’ll be trying to replicate it. I don’t have a reference photo of this exact F-104J I’m building so this is an artistic license call.

More masking. But I was concerned that the tape might lift the metallic paint so I made sure to stick the tape to my pants first before applying on the kit. The next color I used was Metal Color Duralanium for the left and right panels.

Once that has cured, I then masked these off and painted the middle panel Metal Color Dull Aluminium. I’m quite happy with the results. I think the middle panel should be darker but I’ll live with it!

I then attached the wings to check the work. The old school vibe is strong in this one…

Decals and finishing are next!

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