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WIP : HGUC RGM-79Q GM Quel Pt. 1

This is my version of the RGM-79Q GM Quel operated by the Titans of the Earth Federation. It’s my entry into Plamo’s WOOB 07.

I’m combining the upper body and arms of the HGUC GM Quel with the bottom half of the HGUC GM Custom. Why? I find the lower portion of the HGUC GM Quel to be too blocky and it looks disproportionate. It’s a simple matter of swapping parts.

I’m doing some simple modifications to the kit. First up, I added plastic strips at the base of the torso to extend its height by 1.5mm.

I also added some plastic strips inside the torso to extend the neck by about 1.5mm.

I think I’ll swap out the GM Quel thrusters and use a different weapon too.

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