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WIP : Tamiya 1/72 SuperCobra Pt. 1

So after a few rounds of fixing seamlines, I thnk I’ll go ahead with the painting stage. It’s hardly flawless but I think I’ve gotten it as far as I’m willing to go.

I cut the main rotor into 3 pieces after reading that Italeri (this is a Tamiya rebox) molded the blades on backwards. I also added a bit of a sag to the blades by running each blade in between my thumb and the edge of the table. I’ve also read that the main engines are correct only for the prototype Super Cobra but I can live with it.

The weapons were also prepped. I ruined 2 of the Hellfire missiles when I drilled exhausts to the back of them so my Super Cobra will end up only being armed with 6 of these.

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