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WIP : Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vb Pt. 1

I’ve been on and off this one for quite awhile (as is usual haha). But finally, some progress. So here it is. Anyway, this kit will pretty much be OOB except for perhaps the decals.

I decided to close the canopy and with it being so small, the lack of safety belts is not a big issue.

I went with Lifecolor Green RLM99 (UA060 ) for the interior. Not sure how accurate it is but based on various sources it should be close enough. The details were then given a wash of black gray.

Yeah, ugly ejector marks. But they can’t be seen when the fuselage is put together.

As per usual for WWII aircraft kits, the Spitfire doesn’t have too many parts. I chose to do the version with the rounded wing tips and had to remove 2 wing fences on each wing (I think this kit recycles the wing from the Mk.1 boxing). Other than that, nothing else needs to be modified. The kit is as close to ‘shake and bake’ as can be and came together with no fuss.

After a few rounds of fixing the seamlines I used spray can Tamiya white primer as a base coat. The 3 part canopy was dipped in Future and masked with tape and liquid mask and cemented on.

Preshading is next. I usually don’t preshade every panel line but I do make sure the canopy frame lines are properly covered. I also preshaded the other major parts (not pictured): nosecone, propeller and landing gear.

Build Log
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