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WIP : Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vb Pt. 3

Now it’s time to cleanup the camo. First up, I painted all the gaps that I missed out the first time round. I also took the opportunity to finetune the camo by using blutack on specific spots.

Sometimes the camera sensor catches more than the eye can see. This close-up pic clearly shows a very dusty surface even though eyeball 1.0 can’t see them.

Then the first disaster struck. The canopy fell off and during the process of re-cementing, some paint got melted off. This required some sanding and buffing again. I then handpainted the yellow and red sections on the front of the wings. These were masked, painted white, then insignia yellow, and more masking before painting insignia red.

Next I quickly put the spinner together. The nosecone was Lifecolor Sky UA095 (I also masked and sprayed the fuselage band in this color). The propeller blades were sprayed with Vallejo Model Air Black Grey 056 and the tips were handpainted the same way as the bands on the wings: a base of white with insignia yellow.

The landing gear is all Model Master Acryl Neutral Gray 4757 with the tires Model Air Black Grey.

The landing gear was attached and I then did final touchups to fix bleeding of paint and other spots that didn’t look quite right to me.

After I let the paint cure for another day or so, it’s time to glosscoat and start decaling.

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