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WIP : Italeri 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS.1 Pt. 1 – Construction

Kit Info
Manufacturer : Italeri No.1236
Scale : 1/72
Media : Injection Plastic

This is the Italeri rebox of the original ESCI kit issued in 1983. By most accounts it’s still one of the better representations of the Sea Harrier in 1/72 scale.

As usual we begin with a simple cockpit. Instrument panels are all decals. I added 1mm tape to the ejection seat to simulate seatbelts.

There’s a prominent pin mark on the head rest which I think won’t be too visible under the closed canopy.

Due to its vintage, parts breakdown is very straightforward. The intakes will need a bit of finessing to fit right but all in all, this came together quite quickly.

The bottom includes a slot for a center pylon but the kit doesn’t include any stores for it. I will be adding the belly cannons so I’ll be leaving the pylon off. I added plaplate to fill up the slot.

The pitot tube comes molded onto the nose and it’s bent out of the box. I think I’ll replace it with a brass rod.

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