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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 SV-51y Pt. 3 – Painting & Finishing

The exhausts are intricate and required some planning to paint properly. Since I have a custom scheme in mind, I decided to foollow my own path for the exhaust colors too. First up is a base of gloss black.

The upper sections of the exhausts were painted Vallejo Metal Color Burnt Metal Exhaust over a gloss black base. Once dry, these sections were masked off with tape and liquid mask. The rest of the exhausts were painted Vallejo Metal Color Jet Exhaust.

The exhaust petals were then snapped into place. They lay limp once attached to the base but re-position correctly when fitted into the kit. These were set aside till finally assembly.

Painting the the nose cone and the wingtips are next. These were masked off carefully.

Like typical Russian aircraft, the nose was painted white. I went with red for the wingtips. I didn’t really like the result from the red wingtips though. It just didn’t look right somehow.

So I changed everything that was red into orange instead which looks better. I then painted the fuel tanks and twin boosters Mig AMMO Light Ghost Grey. The difference in color scheme gives the additional equipment that ‘bolted’ on look. Once cured, everything was given a light misting of gloss to prepare for decals.

As the kit decals have yellowed and shattered upon wet, I decided to simply give my SV-51 Russian markings instead. The main markings come from the Eagle Strike Decals 72090 ‘Sukhoi Su-27 6411AP POV & CEPRC’ sheet. Generic stencils are from some unknown third party decals while stencils around the nose are from decals left from my Hobbyboss Su-30 kit.

A literal Russian Bear is on the tailfin! Once cured, the kit was wiped down and given an overall satin coat.

A panel wash is next using thinned Abteilung 502 Starship Filth.

The panel wash is quite subtle this time since it’s thinned quite a bit.

After about 30 minutes of drying, I wiped everything down. The wash also helps to knock down the contrast between the colors and tie them together.

I then removed all the masking and the engines and canopy and carefully cleaning up any paint that smeared onto the parts. Next up is painting the details like the sensor bumps forward of the canopy and the wingtip lights. There are various clear parts on the nose, topside and tail that I tinted in Tamiya Smoke before attaching with PVA glue. By this time, I’d lost my momentum so weathering was kept to a minimum with some simple streaking and grime added to the bottom near the engine area and fuel tanks.

The stores were then carefully attached starting with the centerline gun and working outwards.

The exhausts were then attached. See? They position properly once attached.

Last one are the overwing twin boosters and I’m finally done. Huge exhale…

Momentum’s a real thing and I limped across the finish line for this one. Glad it’s done though…

Build Log
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