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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 VF-22S Sturmvogel II Pt.12

DAMN! Missed some painting. For lack of a better word, the chevrons on the engine housings need to be painted. The instructions called for a silver color but I chose black gray instead. There are also what looks like gun barrels on each side of the housing that needs to be painted.

The shape of the chevron was pretty complicated so I ended up using masking tape, paper to cover the decals and liquid mask. The it’s a matter of airbrushing black gray.

Next is time for weathering. Having managed to find a bottle of odorless turpentine, I decided to give the kit an oil wash of Paynes Gray on the panels. It also ended up giving the kit an overall filter which blended the camouflage together in my eye. Nice.

For the bottom, the resulting wash was very subtle. It’s only obvious at certain angles, otherwise it’s pretty much invisible. I used a combination of straight Paynes Gray and a lightened version of it. This being the first time I’m trying to ‘wash’ a black surface’, the result is not what I have expected, but it turned out all right.

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