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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 VF-22S Sturmvogel II Pt.14

Last few things to complete. And as usual, a minor disaster…

I sprayed the exhaust in Alclad Jet Exhaust and I found the color abit too dark. Given another go, I think I’d have gone for gun metal color. I attached the exhaust petals with cement and carelessly got the cement onto the Alclad. Sigh… paint got removed.

I can’t handbrush Alclad so in the end, I decided to handpaint gun metal on the exhaust housings and layer on Future over it. It’s not too bad if you don’t look closely. 😀 I do like the contrast between the exhaust housing and the petals though.

Next up is the base which is a 4’x6′ chipboard from Art Friend in Singapore. It’s a simple matter of spraying it flat black from a rattle can and a flat coat over it. Then it’s a brass rod into a hole I drilled through the base.

And I’m done! These are temporary pictures while I take better photos.

Yes it took awhile. But at least it looks decent enough.

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