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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 VF-22S Sturmvogel II Pt.3

Cockpit done! First up, an overall coat of Vallejo US Grey. Then Black Grey for the stripe on the bang seat and an overall wash of the same color to add depth.

The same was done on the control panels but they ended up still looking quite bare. Besides, it’s supposed to be inflight so naturally the instruments will be lit. So I added the decals which really ‘pops’ the cockpit. The decals are thicker than usual and required a lot of Gunze Mark Softer to settle down. I’m glad I’m not going to touch this anymore.

Next up, the pilot. Straight assembly and trimming of the seamlines around the pilot before a coat of US Grey as a basecoat. Prussian Blue next for the flight suit. For the yellow bits, I first added white. I kept the chest rig in grey to add some ‘contrast’. Then it’s yellow for the helmet and uniform. The visor itself is Tamiya Clear Green.

I then touched up parts that had paint overruns and to add some depth, I added a wash of black grey but it’s not very obvious. At its scale, I think it wasn’t necessary. Heh. Then it’s a final fit into the cockpit for the results. Not too shabby.

Next, sealing up the cockpit and masking the canopy.

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