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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1S Super Strike Valkyrie Pt.5 – Final Assembly

Time to put everything together! First i attached all the vernier nozzles on the FAST packs. I kept these glossy just like the thrusters.

Since I only have 1 clear parts tree I’m stuck with only 1 lens for the beam cannons. I made up a pair of lenses from battery blister pack instead, painted these clear orange and glossed them up with a brush of Future.

The beam cannon FAST packs are then attached to the backpack. They fit canted slightly inwards so I added 0.25mm plates to the attachment points to keep them perpendicular.

The head and the GU-11 gunpod were then attached.

The pilot and canopy were then added. Turns out the black on the canopy is a different shade than the black on the nose. To get them to match better, I handpainted flat black over the nose pattern.

The clear parts are painted accordingly with transparent red and blue and attached with Gator Glue. Future was brushed on to give them a shine.

The stores were added in an inside to outside sequence: FAST pack, RMS-1 missile then AMM-1 missiles. These were attached with CA glue.

The legs/engines were then attached with good dollops of cement.

The base is a piece of round balsa. I drilled a hole and added a short length of metal pipe for reinforcement. The block was sprayed in AK Black Grey and given a coat of gloss.

The rod attached to the kit slots into to the pipe in the base.

Last on is the backpack with the beam cannons.

And I’m done! Quite happy with how this turned out.

Build Log
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