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WIP : Italeri 1/72 EF-111A Raven Pt. 1

For my next build, I decided to tackle a modern aircraft. This time it’ll be the Italeri 1/72 EF-111A Raven or ‘Sparkvark’. The kit is a rebox of a release in the mid 1980s by Esci. Details are good for its age and features recessed panels.

The cockpit features decals for the restraints and the front console but the side consoles are bare so I decided to add some details with randomly cut plastic plates. These were painted Black Grey and drybrushed.

The details aren’t accurate and look oversized but I just wanted to make the consoles look busy. And they should look fine under the canopy.

Fitting overall is OK except for a few areas. First is the tail boom which angles down when attached. It should be straight. So I added some spacers at the bottom to get it to the right position.

The tail boom is originally attached via a butt joint. To strengthen it, I added a rod inside and used superglue. I then layered epoxy putty and shaped it as best as I can to conform to the curves of the structure.

It took a few tries and sessions and I think it turned out OK. Lucky it’s on the bottom. What matters most is the angle of the tail boom is now correct.

There is a noticeable step under the stabilizers on both sides. Since I went to the trouble of fixing the tail, I thought I should fix these too.

Instead of using epoxy putty to fill and shape the gap I decided to just sand down the notch. Much easier.

More fixing of seamlines to come.

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