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WIP : Lockheed Martin F-16A ADF ‘AMI’ Pt.1

I previously previewed this, decided to just try to quickly build one (yeah right). This will be the F-16A ADF (Air Defense Fighter) from the Italian Air Force (AMI – Aeronautica Militare Italiana). As of 2011, the AMI operates 27 ADFs in an air defence mission.

The Hasegawa kit is from the 1980s and it’s clear the mold has gone through many runs as almost every part has some sort of flash that needs to be cleaned up.

Details in the wheel bay is bare but I’ll make sure no one flips the kit over. 😀

So what makes an ADF an ADF? Externally there are some obvious differences. First up, there are new antennas (‘bird slicers’) in front of the front landing gear.

There are also bird slicers in front of the canopy.

There is a huge bulge at the base of the vertical tailfin.

Hasegawa did miss out some ADF-specific details. There is supposed to be a searchlight on the left side of the nose for night interceptions.

The ADF is basically an F-16A but it does sport the 2 vented F-16C-style gun vent port. I might not do anything about this one because I’m not too confident about my scribing skills.

Build Log
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